by mitchell gordon



A mystical journey unfolds as an extraordinary woman embarks on an astral odyssey guided by Winti priestesses, bridging the realms of life and death to break generations of trauma.



Mitchell Gordon: Author of “Anachronism”


Mitchell Gordon, a student at HVA, ventures into the realm of comics with his debut, “Anachronism,” featured in the anthology “All for One.” Despite his academic pursuits, Mitchell is no stranger to the world of writing, having previously seen success with published short stories.


Driven by a passion for storytelling, Mitchell brings a unique flavor to his narratives, often exploring the entwined realms of horror and religion. “Anachronism” marks his inaugural foray into the comic medium, where he weaves a tale that promises to be as thought-provoking as it is spine-chilling.


Keep an eye on this aspiring writer as he crafts new dimensions of fear and fascination.


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