Kush and Kemet

The [ancient] kingdoms of Kush and Kemet have been popular topics of discussion within history. Discussions ranging from ‘conspiracy’ theories to ‘science-backed’ evidence.


The ancient civilizations have been the playtoy of Hollywood, often embedding western perception into the movies and therefore ending up with high-budget whitewashing.


To me, the two topics are too trivialized. Picked at by society, mostly the good parts to deepen all kinds of lineages.


It differs from the well-off white men calling themselves Egyptologist. In which they apply the use of ‘science’ to unravel the mysteries of the world’s most advanced civilization. However, the science applied must always be in accordance with the ego and colonial mindset.

Or you may have seen the confused west-African diasporan with the badly photoshopped pharaoh headwear. Making the same common mistake of banding together the diverse history of a continent with more than 54 different countries.


Its ancient history that may never be fully understood, with new research being done as we speak and conclusions always in motion. Therefore I’m happy to watch from the sidelines, without feeling the need to claim my piece from a cake we have long forgotten the taste of.

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