Sketches Collection One



SKETCHES COLLECTION ONE is an A5 sketchbook bundle that collects the sketches and drawings from multiple sketchbooks (2019-2021) into a first-edition collection.


SKETCHES COLLECTION ONE can only be pre-ordered until April 31st. The book will be printed and shipped when there are enough pre-orders. Buyers will receive their copy of the Sketchbook bundle in early May.




Why can I only pre-order the sketchbook bundle? 

I need pre-orders in order to raise the necessary capital to print and ship the sketchbook bundle. This is a more sustainable way of self-publishing for an independent artist. 


Will I have to wait long before my pre-order is shipped?

Yes, this means you will have a longer waiting time than usual because the book is not ready for shipping on demand. I am expecting to have SKETCHES COLLECTION ONE printed and shipped in early May. 


How many pre-orders do you need before the sketchbook bundle can be shipped?

The goal for the pre-orders is a minimum of 100. When that goal has been reached the sketchbook will be printed and shipped. Pre-orders can be placed till the 30th of April. Any pre-orders placed regardless of the necessary orders will be processed, printed, and shipped in early May.





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Pre-order only

until April 30st

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