Prolific Thinkers

Malcolm X [Malik El-Shabazz] and Doctor King [Martin Luther King Jr.] were prominent leaders of the civil rights movement in America. Both serving within the same ecosystem of social justice. But how they wanted to achieve that social justice often marked them on opposite sides.


The two civil rights leaders have been thoroughly discussed during their time on earth and much more after their dubious assassinations. The most well-read and insightful people have shared better words than I can currently conjure up, to add to the infinite legacies.

But their words of power, however, have always piqued my interest. I did a speaking assignment, during elementary school, on Doctor King’s world-famous speech ‘I Have a Dream!’. Shortly after, during middle school, I encountered Malcolm X’s infamous words ‘By Any Means Necessary..!’


‘Juxtaposition’ is a fancy word you learn during art school, meaning; to place in a deliberate sequence, often close together or side by side, for comparison or contrast, etc.


Essentially what I have done in the illustration above, I have juxtapositioned Malcolm X and Doctor King’s timeless phrases. And the result is ‘a vision’ with a limitless readiness to see it realized.


I rarely see the two prolific thinkers boasted in support of each other. I guess the divided are easier.. conquered?


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